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On a global scale there are many changes in the LNG market; a growth of investments in LNG by oil companies and an increasing demand for sustainable innovations. As a LNG pioneer in the field of short-sea and inland vessels, the Dutch shipbuilder VEKA has been following these developments closely and sees an acceleration the last few years.


With the development of the ‘Pioneer Knutsen’ in 2004, VEKA was ahead of times. In the next few years they will strengthen this position as builder of inland and short-sea vessels that sail on LNG and transport LNG.

At this moment ship owners are being confronted with increasing legislations which make more sustainable investing inevitable in the seagoing and inland vessel market. Because of this the VEKA Group chooses LNG as ‘fuel for the future’ and the most efficient solution for maritime propulsion.



Also with the new LNG facility GATE being built in the Port of Rotterdam, there is an increasing demand for dedicated LNG vessels. For the short-sea market a LNG tanker of 5.000 m3 was created and for the inland transport and bunkering of LNG VEKA is offering various solutions between 450 m3 and 3.000 m3. Especially the transport of LNG with inland vessels from Rotterdam into Europe is a hot topic at this moment. 


Shortsea LNG Carrier

Shortsea LNG - Oil Combi Carrier

Pioneer Knutsen




  • LNG Binnenvaart

    LNG Binnenvaart   Met de ontwikkeling van LNG binnenvaarttankers van 86 en 125 meter met een laadvermogen van 2.250 tot 3.000 kubieke meter is VEKA Group klaar voor de toekomst. De LNG terminal in Zeebrugge en binnenkort de GATE-terminal op de Rotterdamse Maasvlakte zijn nu nog de enige  LNG import terminals geschikt binnenvaart schepen en kleine zeevaart, en wij verwachten dat er in de komende jaren Lees meer

  • LNG Zeevaart

    LNG Zeevaart   Short sea LNG Carrier Lengte over alles: 99.00 meter Breedte: 15.40 meter Holte: 9.60 meter Diepgang: 5.30 meter Tonnage: 3,600 ton     Download de brochure     LNG – Oil Combi Carrier Lengte over alles: 99,00 meter  Breedte: 15,40 meter  Holte: 9,60 meter  Diepgang: 4,30 meter  Lees meer

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VEKA Group is a distinctive Dutch shipbuilder that has become an international player in the maritime industry in its 25 years of existence. Today we operate in diversified nautical markets and deliver a wide range of specialized vessels. At our shipyards in the Netherlands and abroad we have experience in building high quality vessels. Always cost efficient, with passion and using in-house knowhow.

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