LNG Bunkering Services joins forces with new partner Peter Goedvolk

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The Dutch entrepreneurs Peter Versluis (VEKA Group), Gerard Deen (Deen Shipping) and Ed de Jong (IUVENIS) join forces with Peter Goedvolk who recently started Count; a commodity, trading & logistics company. With this cooperation an important next step is made in the field of trade, transport and bunkering of small scale LNG in North West Europe.

Previously VEKA Group and Deen Shipping launched their LNG company LNG Bunkering Services B.V. and announced the new build of the first LNG Bunker tanker “LNG PRIME”. The “LNG PRIME” is 90 meters long and has a loading capacity of 1.000 ton of LNG. The “LNG PRIME” will be active in the ARA-region bunkering seagoing vessels as of the beginning of 2016.

“With the experience of Goedvolk we now add a trade activity to our company and with that a next step is set to further develop the LNG small scale market in the ARA-region” says Gerard Deen of Deen Shipping.

“Goedvolk: LNG small scale is a challenging new market development and trading LNG fits very well in Counts vision of commodities, trading & logistics. The LNG PRIME is an important link in the development of the LNG bunker market in the ARA-region. Now LNG Bunkering Services has added a LNG trading branch to its activities, LNG Bunkering Services can offer a full range of LNG service to the international shipping community.”

“After the construction of the first seagoing LNG carrier, the “Pioneer Knutsen”, by the VEKA company several years ago. We had a lot of knowledge to engineer an inland vessel which is also capable to sail for 100% on his own boil-off. This knowledge is used to design this inland LNG bunker tanker, the “LNG Prime”. The crucial difference will be made in the vessels’ design, the special cargo tanks (own design) and propulsion system”, says Peter Versluis.

Having asked a reaction of Allard Castelein, CEO at the Port of Rotterdam, he says:” an important step forward has been taken with the arrival of this first LNG bunker tanker in Rotterdam. Bunkering of LNG now becomes as easy as it is for the other bunker fuels. With this the Rotterdam LNG bunker infrastructure is completed. LNG is a clean fuel. The use of LNG for shipping is therefore something we fully support.” Adding to Mr Castelein, Mai Elmar, Director at Cruise Port Rotterdam states:” I think this is a good initiative. In combination with the Port and the Cruise Lines, who jointly and successfully have already started many environmental initiatives, the arrival of this first LNG bunker tanker in Rotterdam is to be welcomed.”

About us

LNG Bunkering Services

LNG Bunkering Services BV was founded in 2012 and is a subsidiary of Deen Shipping. In 2011, Deen Shipping brought the first inland barge in Europe powered by natural gas (LNG) into service. The Argonon! As Deen Shipping was increasingly approached by industry colleagues to collaborate on LNG-powered barges, a separate business was established for this purpose.

LNG Bunkering aims to assist barge owners by providing solutions regarding the technology, regulation and supply of LNG and by ensuring that a bunker infrastructure is developed. LNG Bunkering is convinced that LNG is the fuel of the future for the maritime sector. LNG is cheaper, cleaner and just as safe as other fuels. Due to the introduction of new regulations in 2015 in the SECA area ship owners need to come up with solutions to comply with these regulatory requirements. In our eyes, LNG is the solution!

For more information, visit: www.lngbunkering.com

COUNT Commodity Trading & Logistics

Count is a commodities and logistics company. Physical trading, logistics and distribution are the core of our business. We assure worldwide reliable energy and commodities supplies at competitive prices whilst also facilitating the marketing, processing, financing and transportation of those commodities.

Count is a result of decades of experience in the international commodities and logistic world. This gives us the extensive knowledge that is needed to make the right choices in this dynamic sector.

For more information, visit: www.countcompanies.com

Deen Shipping

Deen Shipping was founded in 1980 and owns five ships in the Deen-fleet. The staff of twenty five makes sure the cargo, different types of oil, is transported safely. Three bunker ships supply marine vessels in the Rotterdam and Antwerp ports with the oil required for the engines. The other ships transport mineral oils and distillates for refineries. Those ships sail to storage depots in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland.

Deen Shipping thinks about the safety of people and the environment continuously, in particular because of the environmentally damaging cargo Deen ships transport. One of our innovations is the Y-shaped hull which drastically reduces the risk of calamities on collision. But our flagship is our ship ‘the Argonon’. This ship will sail on dual fuel, which will drastically reduce emissions.

For more information, visit: www.deenshipping.com


IUVENIS is a investment company with the aim on developing small scale LNG, cost reduction for entrepreneurs in the marine sector and others. Since 2009, engaged in the development of LNG for the marine sector.

For more information, visit: www.iuvenis.nl

VEKA Group

VEKA was founded in 1988, after three generations of shipping and shipbuilding experience of the Versluis family. The mission of the establishment was to become a powerful and innovative player in the maritime industry. In the last twenty-seven years the company has grown into a well-known international shipbuilding company. Due to the qualified personnel and a huge number of constructed vessels VEKA was able to achieve a lot of knowledge in the international shipbuilding industry. This knowledge is evident in the delivered vessels.

With the development of the inland and seagoing gas tankers designed to carry LNG, LPG and CNG, VEKA is ready for the future. The LNG terminal in Zeebrugge (Belgium), the LNG Break Bulk terminal and the GATE terminal at the “Maasvlakte” in Rotterdam are until now the only LNG import facilities in Europe that are equipped to load Inland ships and coastal LNG carriers. The expectation in the market is that a number of small scale LNG bunker stations will be constructed along the Rhine in the near future. That requires more inland LNG bunker tankers.

For more information, visit: www.vekagroup.com

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VEKA Group is a distinctive Dutch shipbuilder that has become an international player in the maritime industry in its 25 years of existence. Today we operate in diversified nautical markets and deliver a wide range of specialized vessels. At our shipyards in the Netherlands and abroad we have experience in building high quality vessels. Always cost efficient, with passion and using in-house knowhow.

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