Vision & Mission

The vision of the VeKa Group is based on the following:

  • Cost benefit due to our in-house development and production facilities.
  • Highly knowledgeable and experienced people.
  • Highly personal customer approach and support.
  • Broad range of vessel types and services.

Cost advantages

This is achieved because almost all activities can be developed and executed in-house.


We are continuously working on expanding the knowledge within our organisation by training our own personnel, but a great deal of knowledge also flows into the company as a result of the various take-overs in the past.

Customer approach

Despite the international character of the company, VeKa is and remains a family firm which, in practice, means a very personal approach to you, the customer. Within VeKa the proper advising of the customer is regarded as one of the most important aspects of contact; our staff embrace this philosophy on all fronts, which in turn helps ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.

Product range

Since VeKa can provide almost all types of ships, there is always a solution for the client's transportation needs. Another advantage is that the ships can be delivered as turnkey solutions. The entire process of construction and finishing can be accommodated at VeKa, which means that you as the client have a central point of contact. The standardised hulls are even built for stock at one of the shipyards in Eastern Europe or China, which results in shorter delivery times.
Of course, it is also possible to have your ship fully custom built. In collaboration with our own design department, the ships are designed and calculations produced based on the intended use and the customer's desires - a clear reflection of our focus on personal contact.

In the field of inland navigation, VeKa can provide many custom-sized vessel types designed in-house, such as:

  • Double-hulled chemical tankers
  • Double-hulled bunker tankers
  • Gas tankers
  • Container and cargo ships
  • Bin barges
  • Pushed barges
  • Push and tug boats
  • Crane ships
  • Pontoons
  • Self-drive working barges
  • Passenger ships

Various types of seagoing ships can also be supplied (tonnages up to 10,000 tonnes):

  • Multipurpose
  • Tankers
  • Bitumen tankers
  • Gas tankers
  • Container schips

Yacht building: the addition of Jongert Shipyard to the group enabled us to become active in the field of yacht building in partnership with this world-famous brand. We build sailing and motor yachts of 24 to 60 metres. It is also possible to have your Jongert completely refitted. The complete construction, including hull, is done in-house.

The hulls of seagoing ships and inland navigation vessels are produced on our behalf in: Poland, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria and China. All ship types can be supplied as turnkey products.

Over time, many more disciplines have been added to the range of services.

When purchasing a new or used ship you can use our intermediary agency for advice and practical assistance in the purchase of the vessel. We also offer start-up business assistance in the purchase and financing of their ship.

VeKa furthermore allows you to operate and hire the above-mentioned vessel types.

Thanks to our own issuing office, it is possible for you to participate in one of our many projects. There are various possibilities relating to both inland navigation vessels and seagoing ships.


To fulfill the need for profitable transportation by water at an excellent price-quality ratio with attractive styling, good finish and appealing performance.

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About VEKA

VEKA Group is a distinctive Dutch shipbuilder that has become an international player in the maritime industry in its 25 years of existence. Today we operate in diversified nautical markets and deliver a wide range of specialized vessels. At our shipyards in the Netherlands and abroad we have experience in building high quality vessels. Always cost efficient, with passion and using in-house knowhow.

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