To meet the growing demand for specialized vessels in the offshore sector VEKA continues to innovate in its range of vessels for offshore markets. Our workboats are used worldwide for various purposes, such as salvage operations, windmill projects, dredging and a wide range of other activities.


A major product in the offshore market are self-propelled workboats. These workboats are specially designed for the efficient execution of a wide range of support tasks to the offshore sector where previously ships of much larger proportions required.

35 m Ultra Shallow Draft Workboat

36m Schallow Draft Workboat

Multipurpose Landingcraft

The multipurpose landingcraft is specifically designed by VEKA to serve inland navigation areas in developing regions with limited access to shipyards and cargo handling capacity. A unique fabrication process, developed by the VEKA Group, enables local production of inland navigation vessels in regions that currently lack shipbuilding infrastructure and access to open sea. To ensure maximum flexibility in terms of exploitation in developing regions, the ship’s innovative hull is designed for both Ro-Ro (un)loading as well as conventional crane to ship handling, so it can service both traditional ports and ports that lack sufficient crane capacity.

Mulitpurpose landingcraft

Supply Vessels

To quickly transport people and goods to offshore platforms, VEKA has a new line Offshore Supply Vessels developed with Mulder Design. The ships are distinguished by the high speed and good sailing characteristics in harsh conditions.

Fast Supply Vessel

Fast Crew Vessel

Fast Intervention Vessel

Platform Supply Vessel

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VEKA Group is a distinctive Dutch shipbuilder that has become an international player in the maritime industry in its 25 years of existence. Today we operate in diversified nautical markets and deliver a wide range of specialized vessels. At our shipyards in the Netherlands and abroad we have experience in building high quality vessels. Always cost efficient, with passion and using in-house knowhow.

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