Meet Jochum, our Manager QHSE  at our shipyard in Lemmer. He is working here since 2007 already! Started as a project engineer, Jochum made the career switch to QHSE due management needs at VEKA around 5 years ago, so anything from safety and quality to health, environment and even facility issues, Jochum is our man at the VEKA shipyard Lemmer! 


Important aspects of the job 

One of the biggest milestones and importance in this job is receiving and maintaining the ISO certifications for our shipyards. But more in the sense that it is a piece of recognition of something we have been doing already quite well. In 2014, we received our certifications with a continuous audit and in 2017 we received them again (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18002)!”. 

Jochum is making sure that the quality and safety stays on high standard by focusing on audits, reviews, and inspections. By having weekly or even daily inspections and monthly reviews, he makes sure everyone on the shipyard feels safe in a healthy environment! 

However, of course the ideal picture is not keep doing our inspections and checks all the time! So how does he do it?  Well, like Jochum says The key is to practically involve everyone at the shipyard. The construction workers and even employees at the office should always be self-aware of safety issues that could harm colleagues or yourself at the shipyard. 

What makes you proud here at VEKA Group? 

Jochum clearly mentions the shipyard in Lemmer as a whole. “The shipyard is modern/stylish and especially clean. We always clean any mess the moment we see it. Our shipyard in Lemmer has a great location, there is space and the office itself also has its touch to do business well. It is great being here at our shipyard and I’m proud to receive people here at our location due the safe and clean environment.” 

What would you like to see the coming years? 

Faster deliveries, from supplies to payments in the sector as a general improvement would do the sector good. The velocity of such agreements would stimulate a faster growing business for every shipbuilding company. Besides that, it would do good for the spirit of people in the maritime sector if agreements in general are going to mean much more. We at VEKA are the ones that try to keep this on a standard and try to communicate as good as possible to keep all stakeholders as close as possible in projects. 

Besides that, I would like to see more seagoing vessels projects. I still get amazed by the sizes of seagoing vessels and the looks of it. Furthermore, these projects are huge in size with tight regulation, quality, environmental and safety rules to monitor for the best working conditions. 

Your challenges and side projects? 

I think it is interesting to keep an eye on the environment at the  shipyard and look for smart optimizations. For example, we are already on 100% green energy at all our VEKA locations. Also, It is interesting make some time to start projects in the adaptation of solar panels at our shipyards for example or moving to energy-saving led lamps. Besides technological advances like energy-saving and engerineering solutions for ships, it is a must that shipyards keep improving as well. Modernization, safety, health and environmental solutions are the on-going challenges I see as a responsibility I like to take.