As many may already know, here at our shipyard in Werkendam we have been quite busy on the process of building 2 huge tankers named Aimee & Emma! Therefore, we would like to give you some information about the project and when we expect it to be delivered!  

The project led by Michel van Weel,  started in july 2018 with the contruction (keellaying) and therefore the project accelerated in high tempo to make sure we will deliver the ships for Burando on time. The casco’s have eventually been built at our shipyards in Kherson, Ukraine. After the casco’s were built, we transported it to our shipyard in Werkendam which we have on camera as well! Did you see the amazing shots already?

The vessels Aimee & Emma

We are looking at two huge estuary tanker type C at the moment, laying at our shipyard in Werkendam for further continuation. The tankers are going to be used to transport fueloil (mainly HFO and MDO). The route of these tankers are pretty clear as well as these tankers can soon be seen between Antwerp and Zeebrugge and Oostende up to Nieuwpoort. When looking at these tankers, the first thing that would take your attention are the amazing sizes of these ships. We are looking here at L x B x H 110 x 13.50 6.59 meters with a depth of 5.1 meter!

So what about the engines right? Well, we designed something incredible as Aimee and Emma both have 2 engine rooms (split in the main engine room), seperately from each other. They are both filled with a Caterpillar 3508 main engines, Caterpillar C18 and a Caterpillar C4.4 generator set which will run on gasoil. Therefore, each tank has its own cargo pump and it has a system that each cargo pump backs each other up if necessary.

Are there any challenges?

At the moment, we don’t face any different challenges like other projects or shipbuilders. However, in this case, the estuary  regulation from 2019 made a little impact on the project that required us to stirr and manage properly the project. However, these kind of issues always make projects interesting! The project is planned to be delivered in December 2019 so be on the lookout!