• Werkendam, the 'home base'

    Werkendam       The office property at Biesboschhaven Zuid in Werkendam was officially opened in 2003 by Bastiaan Versluis, brother of major shareholders Jan and Peter Versluis. This modern property houses all office tasks and offers a pleasant workplace for staff. From the head office it is possible to survey the finishing site at Biesboschhaven Noord; this provides a splendid Lees meer

  • Bijlsma Lemmer

    VEKA Shipyard Lemmer   In March 2004, VEKA took over the large shipyard from the Bijlsma Group in Lemmer. This brought an end to the Frisian family company, but preserved the shipyard for the future. The brothers Arend and Roel Bijlsma, director and project coordinator at Bijlsma Shipyard BV, are in charge of day-to-day operations. The take-over secured a healthy future for the shipyard. Since 1994, one of the m Lees meer

  • TeamCo Heusden

    TeamCo Heusden Since the end of 2005, TeamCo Shipyard B.V. has been based at the former grounds and harbour of Verolme shipbuilding yard that lies directly on the banks of the Maas. Within a short period, TeamCo Shipyard B.V. has built up a sound reputation as a hull building specialist. With the aid of reputable and skilled subcontractors, hulls are turned into fully-fitted, modern inland navigation vessels and small se Lees meer

  • Rotterdam

    Rotterdam Rotterdam, Lekhaven. This site is used primarily for logistical purposes and small repairs to ships. The harbour is easily accessible and an ideal location for having this type of work carried out on seagoing vessels. At 335 metres, the quay is spaciously dimensioned, meaning that there are few limits with regard to the type of ships it can accommodate. The logistical convenience that we have here is that Lees meer

  • Melnik, Tsjechie

    Melnik, Tsjechie The shipyard in the Czech Republic is large but well organised. It has a total area of 50,000 m2 and is equipped with 3 large workshops with gantry cranes and large openings so that sectional construction can take place inside. The slipway is 150 metres long and ships with a length of max. 135 metres and a beam of approx. 15 metres can be built. Furthermore, the shipyard is equipped with an excellent quay w Lees meer

  • VEKA Germany, Hamburg

    VEKA Germany, Hamburg   VEKA Germany GmbH                       Neuer Wall 43D - 20354 Hamburg                                         T: +49 (0)40 879 724 230 F: +49 (0)40 879 724 222 M: +49 172 514 03 42   Lees meer

  • International construction sites

    International construction sites In 1994, a completely new concept was launched for the construction and finishing of inland navigation vessels, and subsequently also seagoing ships. The first ship was of Dutch manufacture but collaborations with shipyards abroad were later established due to the good price-quality ratio. Construction sites of VeKa abroad: Melnik - Czech Republic Chvaletice - Czech Republic Orsova - Romania Lees meer

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VEKA Group is a distinctive Dutch shipbuilder that has become an international player in the maritime industry in its 25 years of existence. Today we operate in diversified nautical markets and deliver a wide range of specialized vessels. At our shipyards in the Netherlands and abroad we have experience in building high quality vessels. Always cost efficient, with passion and using in-house knowhow.

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